VirtuaScore Volleyball and Tennis Released

BlackwoodApps released VirtuaScore Volleyball and VirtuaScore Tennis, exclusively on the Mac App Store, joining its previous release, VirtuaScore Basketball. The programs emulate the full functionality of a hardware scoreboard, giving schools, intramural sports teams, and athletic organizations and affordable way to score games, rather than being required to purchase expensive hardware scoreboards.

Both applications can be controlled in any of three methods: through a simple control panel window, keyboard shortcuts, and menu commands. The apps feature full undo and redo support to correct accidental changes to the score, without the operator fumbling around with manually resetting the score.

The scoreboards also feature various options for customization: the numbers on the displays can be colored from a palette of 25 colors and appear as either digital segments or analog bulbs. Users can also set custom home and away labels in VirtuaScore Volleyball and custom player names in VirtuaScore Tennis. Both scoreboards' default graphics can be replaced with team logos or advertisements.

VirtuaScore Volleyball features the following displays:

• Score for home and away • Serving team indicators • Wins for home and away • Scores for up to four past sets • Timer for timeouts

VirtuaScore Tennis features the following displays:

• Score for two players/doubles teams • Serving player indicators • Scores for up to five sets • Match time

Similar solutions to the VirtuaScore line have been available commercially on the Windows platform for many years, but have largely been absent from the Mac. VirtuaScore Volleyball and VirtuaScore Tennis not only bring a new market category to Macintosh, but cost much less than their peers on the PC.

System Requirements

Mac with access to the Mac App Store (OS X 10.6.6 )17.7 MB / 4.8 MB available for VirtuaScore Volleyball / Tennis

Pricing and Availability:

Both VirtuaScore Volleyball and VirtuaScore Tennis are available exclusively on the Mac App Store, regularly priced $14.99, but available now at an introductory price of $4.99. Follow BlackwoodApps on Twitter (@BlackwoodApps) or Facebook for more information.