VirtuaScore Basketball Released

Blackwood Applications today is pleased to introduce VirtuaScore Basketball, the first fully-featured virtual scoreboard on the Mac App Store. Combining the full functionality of a standard scoreboard with the eye-candy users have come to expect on the Mac, VirtuaScore Basketball is ideal for schools and independent sports organizations.

VirtuaScore Basketball features the functionality of a full basketball scoreboard, highly-detailed displays (right down to the reflection on the light-bulb graphics), three methods of control, and an aggressive price. Users may opt between a control panel window, menu commands, and keyboard shortcuts. VirtuaScore Basketball supports both windowed and full-screen modes.


  • Home score

  • Away score

  • Period timer

  • Period indicator

  • Shot clock

  • Possession indicator

  • Home fouls

  • Home timeouts left

  • Away fouls

  • Away timeouts left

  • Player fouls


  • Control with keyboard, menu commands, or the floating control panel

  • Customizable Home/Away labels and team graphics

  • Full-screen and windowed view

  • Detailed segmented displays

  • Authentic buzzer sound

  • Set period clock to tenths of a second

  • Supports drag-and-drop for team graphics

  • Save scoreboard for later use

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.6.8

  • Lion-compatible

  • 1.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:

VirtuaScore Basketball 1.0 is available worldwide (English only) for a limited-time price of $4.99, exclusively on the Mac App Store.